Though born in Lubbock, TX, Jeremy Dean was raised in the jungles of Central and South America and the Pacific islands where he was immersed in indigenous cultures and globally connected ideals. This lead to a broad based, multidisciplinary approach to art making that provokes social awareness and shared responsibility. Through deliberate and chance encounters with story and material, Dean’s work reorders cyclical rotations of history, blurring the notion of linear progress.

Taking the form of research, documentation, direct action, or repetitive gesture, Dean’s work brings new histories to light or alters the accepted materiality of others. 

From a documentary film that connects uncovered archival footage of the Civil Rights movement, including a hotel owner pouring acid in a swimming pool filled with black and white demonstrators, to the contemporary realities of the same African American community, (Dare Not Walk Alone, 2006), to the surreal scene of horses pulling a HUMMER converted into a fully functional stagecoach through New York City, (Futurama, 2010), or the evidence of repetitive, laborious action generated by two threadbare flags made from the unwoven strings of a single American flag, (Rended series, 2011-13)  - these works search for the aesthetic of history’s blurred line by transforming thoughtfully gathered material to carry meaning beyond their literal beginnings. 

His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Miami Herald, Art in America, Sculpture Magazine, Vogue, Juxtapoz, Art Slant, Current TV, ABC World Report, Huffington Post, Reuters, MSNBC, Gawker, Washington Post, Denver Post, and countless blogs and niche media.

He has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in galleries, museums, and art fairs including solo shows at 21c Museum, Louisville KY and Angela Lee Contemporary, Hong Kong. Collections include: 21c Museum, Priztker Collection, New York Public Library-Prints collection, University of Maryland and numerous private collections. He has been an artist in Residence at Emmanuel College (Social Justice) Boston, Mass. and at Anderson Ranch in Aspen, CO (Sculpture) and upcoming fellow at MacDowell Colony, and a Keyholder resident at Lower East Side Printshop NY, and resident at Sculpture Space in Utica, NY.

His independent feature film Dare Not Walk Alone (2006), received numerous awards, a theatrical and TV release and special screenings at The King Center, the Skirball Center, and Brooklyn Academy Of Music (BAM).  He is the recipient of the Independent Southern Filmmakers Tour award and nominated for an NAACP Image Award. He was inducted into the Writers Guild of America 2008.