Artist converts Hummer into a horse-drawn cart in protest at America's gas-guzzlers

By Mail Foreign Service

An artist has revamped a hi-tech Hummer by converting it into a horse-drawn cart.

Jeremy Dean, 33, was inspired by his belief that the gas-guzzling Sports Utility Vehicle represents everything that is wrong with American culture and consumerism.

The New Yorker spent £10,000 buying the Hummer and transforming it into a cart which can only be moved when pulled as a carriage.

'I came up with the idea during the global economic meltdown,' Mr Dean said.

'I thought these hummers are the pinnacle of consumerism and a powerful status symbol, so what will happen when they are no longer sustainable?'

It took Mr Dean and a team of mechanics six weeks to 'decimate' the Hummer H2 and turn it into an engine-less carriage.

The project - called Back To The Futurama - made its public debut in New York's Central Park last month, where the hefty 1,800lb cart was pulled by two white horses named Diesel and Dean.

'They were strong enough to pull it,' said Mr Dean.

He added: 'No horses were harmed in the pulling of this cart. It's well constructed so it can be pulled by one strong person if necessary.'

The 'Hummer cart' was inspired by the 'Hoover carts' of the American depression era.

The Hummer, which does just 10 miles to the gallon, has recently been discontinued by General Motors after a failed buyout from a Chinese company.