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({CTS} Creative Thriftshop)

New York's Satellite Fairs: Bling, String, and Subversive Things

by Erin Lindholm

"Bling, string and subversive things were among the highlights at Pulse Contemporary and Scope International, just two of the at least seven satellite art fairs that set up shop in New York the same time as the Armory Show.


Not even the sprawling, West SoHo warehouse that hosted the Pulse show could make Jeremy Dean's massive sculptural work, CEO Stagecoach (2010), feel diminutive. The first in a series of eight "hybrid" (as in "horse-drawn") vehicles, the eye-popping piece is a HUMMER H2 that's literally been converted into a futuristic stagecoach, keeping leather seats, chrome rims, audio and entertainment systems intact. Blaring Ludacris' consumption and sub-culture-fueled anthem "Cadillac Grills," CEO Stagecoach begs the question: Just how far have we come, really?

Remarkably, the Brooklyn-based artist only received the green light on the project just six weeks ago, after he'd been accepted to several fairs, thanks to the advocacy of local {CTS} creative thriftshop."